About Shoemaker

The Life and Legend

Handcrafted Custom Guitars

Handmade Quality

All of our guitars are built from scratch and meet rigorous standards of quality. Your guitar will be one of a kind. No exceptions.

Local Supplier

All of Lucky Devil’s products are locally produced and distributed in the heart of Minnesota. No warehouses. No middle man.

The Legacy

CBGs date back to the 1840s, but in rock and roll it’s been mentioned as a favorite instrument of Bo Diddley, Lightnin’ Hopkins, Seasick Steve, Tom Waits and many others

Family Business

Lucky Devil’s aim remains tried and true because every aspect of our operation is handled with a personal interest because we’re family run.

Street Cred

Playing an instrument this unique will inevitably make you a magnet for greatness…and more greatness.


7/10 musicians would argue that this is the most important asset to rock music besides the cowbell.

As a craftsman I like to build things. As an aspiring musician I just love the gritty, raw sound they create. And as an artist I love the idea that my functional little piece of art will find its way into other people’s hands where they in turn will create more art of their own.

Gipson Shoemaker III