Ultimate Tribute Gift

There’s a lot to be said for someone who will give everything and expect nothing in return.  I feel that way about anyone who’s ever served in the military.  I myself have never served.  And even though we all know someone who has, most of us haven’t.  And that’s the point.  It takes a rare and selfless person to be willing to sacrifice their life for ours.  For the greater good.  For their country.  Whether you agree or disagree with any aspect of the military, the people who show up to do the dirty work on our behalf deserve our respect and admiration.


I decided to make an ammo can 3-string guitar and ammo can amp because I wanted to do something that could be customized and unique to the person it’s made for.  This is basically a blank canvas version of the guitar and amp.  If you order either of these I can put personalized touches on them for the soldier they were bought for.  I will contact you and we can best decide how to do it.  I can use dog tags, photos, medals, etc., to make each product special.

Please e-mail me at gipson@gipsonshoemaker.com and we can work out the details and process your order quickly.

3-String Customized Guitar $299.00 + S/H
Ammo Can Amp                      $99.00 + S/H

Combo Special                         $349.00 + S/H



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